Anthem breach highlights growing value of customer data


2015 is still young, but the recent data breach may prove to be the year’s biggest. Anthem, the United States’ second-largest insurer, recently revealed hackers accessed the company’s database, compromising as many as 80 million customers’ records in the process. Continue reading…

Lise Lapointe, president of Terranova, winner of the prix Femme d’affaires du Québec (Québec Business Women’s Award)

prfaq-enOnce again, Terranova has distinguished itself through its innovativeness and international leadership. With 70% of the company’s sales revenues earned outside the country, Terranova’s information security awareness solution has provided millions of employees all over the world with the knowledge they need.

Laval, November 7, 2014 – Lise Lapointe, president of Terranova, a world leader in information security awareness, was rewarded for her international success Continue reading…

Hola from EUROCACS/ISRM 2014

Terranova is participating in ISACA’s EUROCACS/ISRM 2014, from 29 September to 1 October 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.


The Terranova Team: Thierry Mongayard, Western Europe and Africa Representative, Lyne Deshaies, Business Development Director, Lise Lapointe, President, and Dalila Ben Attia, Program Director. Continue reading…