Phishing Simulation

Test your organization before hackers do it for you
Are you or is someone in your organization the ideal target for phishing attacks? Identity theft, fraud, take-over of bank accounts, access to confidential or sensitive information: the impacts of phishing can be devastating for your organization.


Terranova offers a comprehensive approach to measure your organization’s vulnerability and improve your employees’ responses and behaviours regarding the dangers of phishing, including:

  • Ethical phishing simulations to test your employees for information leaks
  • Statistics and analysis of results
  • Phishing awareness online training, communication and reinforcement tools

All content can be customized according to your needs.

Phishing Awareness Training
Simulated phishing emails to launch awareness training… it’s interactive and motivating! Terranova offers unique teaching methods that facilitate learning. We use text, narration, animation and interactive learning activities for each subject in order to optimize the learning experience and facilitate the retention of best practices.

Phishing Communication Tools
Efficient tools for an effective program. Terranova provides an assortment of engaging communication, reinforcement and measurement tools that can be used in conjunction with Terranova’s online courses to offer you an outstanding phishing awareness program.

Phishing Simulation Measurement and Implementation Tools
Flexibility to suit your needs. Pre- and post-assessment quizzes are used to determine the current level of security knowledge. Once documented, statistics are used to develop a customized security awareness campaign, linked to an overall program that prioritizes the right subjects/themes.

“Running phishing simulations is not enough! By setting up a comprehensive information security awareness campaign within your organization, you will turn your employees into your strongest links!”
- Will, Best Practices Advisor

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