Information Security Awareness

made simple

A total

360° approach

Make your staff your strongest line of defence and create a security culture that adapts to evolving threats. Use our engaging, fun and interactive solution to plan, train, reinforce and measure in real-time.

Dedicated awareness specialists support you when you need it or can manage your campaign from end to end.

Measure employee vulnerability with real-world simulations and reduce risk with just-in-time training.

An extensive, award-winning library of engaging e-learning topics in over 40 languages.

A hosted platform that delivers training, tracks participation, generates compliance reports, and monitors progress.

Promotional tools to boost participation and reinforce best practices.

Professional and Managed Services

Phishing Simulations


Learning Management System

Communication Materials

Terranova’s solution is global
with our courses available in 40 languages

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Stand your ground with a leader

Year after year, Terranova has maintained its coveted position in the highly-regarded Gartner Magic Quadrant for security awareness training. We’re proud to bring you the kind of world-leading service you can depend on to make your organization secure.


every step of the way

1 Plan

Enabling you with tools for your awareness needs analysis,campaign strategy deployment, and project management.

2 Deploy

Expert guidance for e-learning programs, course rollout deployment and effective use of communications materials.

3 Measure

Providing you with effective use of measurement tools including full reporting to monitor progress.

4 Reinforce

Providing you with tools to help you reinforce messaging through various communication channels.


One moment of curiosity can cost your company time and money. Reduce risk with real-world phishing simulations that will assess employee vulnerability in-the-moment and empower them with acute detection skills.

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