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With a supplier who listens, you get the very best solution for your situation. With a supplier who has your best interests at heart, we shape our materials to fit your business, not the other way around.

Who we are

Terranova WW Corporation, a privately held company incorporated in 2001, is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to providing information security awareness programs customized to your internal policies and procedures. In recent years, Terranova has expanded its offering to products and services for regulatory compliance, privacy, business continuity management and sustainable development.

Headed by a team of technology, education and security professionals with over 25 years of experience, we work in close partnership with you, so together we can develop the program that best meets your present and anticipated needs.

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Terranova’s online training courses, LMS module and newsletters gave us the tools we needed to implement a well-rounded information security program based on best practices.

Lauréat Desmeules - Metro Richelieu

Planning our information security program was simplified using Terranova’s full range of products including online training, an LMS module, quizzes and newsletters. Even in five languages, the rollout went smoothly with a comprehensive communication plan in place.

Réal Deslauriers - BRP

The people at Terranova are great to work with. They are very dedicated, flexible and organized making them feel like part of your team.

Jack Crane - Tesco

We approached Terranova because we were looking to improve our employees’ knowledge around information security. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Terranova also offered vishing services. This is a threat that we felt many employees may not be expecting and as such, a great way to ensure that our organization was fully protected. Terranova took care of the entire process for us, they delivered comprehensive reports that allowed us to quickly identify weak areas. We were then able to craft additional policies as well as offer additional training and support to those employees that needed it. I found the experience very positive and would recommend Terranova for any business that needs vishing services in the future.

Shelley Ritonya – Home Instead

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