About Terranova WW Corporation

Terranova WW Corporation offers complete training and communication tools aimed at improving information security, personal information protection and regulatory compliance. Terranova WW Corporation’s products provide a foundation for the creation of customized programs based on internal policies and regulatory standards.

Terranova WW Corporation offers an array of enticing communication, reinforcement and evaluation tools (such as posters, newsletters, videos, reminders and wallpaper) that can be used in conjunction with our online courses for an outstanding information security awareness program.


The Terranova WW Corporation edge:

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“It has been a real pleasure to work with such a nice, flexible and diligent team.”

Jeff Dow, CISO
Kevin Graziadei, Project Manager
Fox Entertainment Group


Dunamis Award in the “Business Services” category. Dunamis recognizes excellence and innovation of local business people.
Brandon Hall Bronze Award for Excellence in Technology in the “Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training” category.
Apex Electronic Media & Video Award of Excellence “Web video” category.


A History of Trust and Integrity

lise-lapointe-president-terranovaTerranova WW Corporation was founded in 2001 by Lise Lapointe. An information technology and training strategy expert, Ms. Lapointe believes that organizations must train their staff on ever-increasing security requirements. After putting together a team of seasoned information security, education and information technology professionals, Terranova WW Corporation began developing products and services for an international market. Its services are provided to businesses and government agencies worldwide, and are available in many languages.

In recent years, Terranova WW Corporation has expanded its offering of products and services that deal with regulatory compliance. The company has developed new product lines in the privacy (protection of personal information), business continuity management and sustainable development sectors.



“600 organizations already place their trust in Terranova WW Corporation. In addition, several million active users receive online training on our Learning Management platform.”
- Will, Best Practices Advisor

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