Information Security Awareness Training for IT

IT plays a key role in the protection of information. In order to properly fulfill this role, IT staff must be familiar with the threats to the organization and its information. These courses will help IT staff recognize these threats and common vulnerabilities and will provide the best practices to address them.

IT staff have to be part of your delivery channel in order for your security awareness project to succeed.

This course is designed to educate information technology professionals on the importance of security in their environment, as well as security related to networks and databases.

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service_smallOur talented and extremely knowledgeable information security professionals works with your team to solve your challenges and build a program that is right for you.

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comm-tools-small We offer an array of communications tools to help your staff embrace secure behavior and adopt best practices. Simply put together the elements that make the most sense to you!

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lms-small All our courses are SCORM- or AICC-compliant and have been tested in large multinational corporations and government institutions. They are compatible with multiple browsers and can easily be uploaded into your hosted LMS.

“It’s all about security! A global security strategy must guide users to new and enhanced levels of awareness. The conscious embrace of a secure culture by all users is the goal.”
- Will, Best Practices Advisor

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