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The Human Fix 

To Human Risk

5-steps to masterminding an effective security awareness program


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In the ebook The Human Fix to Human Risk, we discuss why organizations require a game plan before launching phishing simulations or security awareness content for e-training. We share tips, best practices and case studies on how security professionals around the world continue to leverage the proven security awareness 5-step framework to get started.

Download the ebook sneak peek and learn how to mastermind an effective security awareness program with a quick overview on the security awareness 5-step framework:

* Step 1 - Analyze: Start your proper analysis by taking a closer look at your organization and its culture. There are 9 main areas you should focus on for data gathering including program goals, compliance requirements and target audiences

* Step  2 - Plan: Make decisions focused on 6 key elements to ensure program success. You will need to focus on identifying your security awareness team and communication plan.

* Step 3 – Deploy: You should always deploy your campaigns in three phases. Learn more about how to properly test, launch and reinforce.

* Step 4 – Measure: We provide you with recommendations on security awareness metrics that should be measured

* Step 5 – Optimize: Finally some guidance on how to optimize your security awareness program and which metrics are most important to making changes and improvements

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