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Learn how to effectively manage personal data and comply with GDPR requirements

GDPR compliance trainings specifically tailored for end users, this solution will help educate your staff on how to better protect personal information, and reinforce learning to maximize behavioral changeGet a live demo of our GDPR training modules and get an instant peace of mind!

Your one-on-one demo includes:

 A program roadmap of your GDPR objectives

 A guided tour of our training modules

Fines for non-compliance with data protection and privacy requirements got you stressed?

 An overview of our communication tools

"Terranova provided solid information security awareness and risk management services across our entire multi-office organization. Highly recommended".

"Terranova has been an excellent vendor to work with. They have consistently helped drive our program to keep us on our deadlines while also working with us to ensure we provide the best content to our end users."

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