Information Security Awareness & Compliance Training

Terranova Worldwide Corporation’s e-learning solution offers many independent off-the-shelf topics covering the most important risks in information security, for all levels of your organization. Acquainting your users with the threats and teaching them how to avoid them will help to minimize your organization’s operational risks and financial losses.

Effective Educational Approach

We use a specific methodology that enables users to quickly learn and retain information. This unique approach is designed to maximize the learning experience. For each of our information security awareness and compliance topics, a broad range of multimedia material is used:

  • Multimedia: 3D videos, narration, text and animations
  • Interactive learning activities, including “serious gaming”
  • User-friendly browsing
  • Narration in multiple languages

Our new courses includes an entirely new look and a more attractive design created to improve course enjoyment and effectiveness!

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Tried, tested, compliant!

All Terranova courses are SCORM or AICC compliant and have been tested with multiple browsers and platforms in large multinational corporations and government institutions.

“More than ever, people with long-established habits need to change the way they do things. At Terranova, we understand this: we are architects of cultural change in information security.” – Isa

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