Real-time Phishing Simulations Double Employee Awareness


Find out which employees are prone to phishing attacks.

Mitigate employee behavior risk and improve your cyber security resilience

Real-time phishing simulations are a fast and effective way to educate employees and increase alertness levels to phishing attacks including malware, ransomware, spear phishing, whaling, CEO fraud and BEC.

Real-time phishing simulations have proven to double employee awareness retention rates and yield a near 40% ROI, versus more traditional cybersecurity training tactics (Ponemon Study)

A well-planned phishing simulation program to protect your organization from fraud and data loss, financial penalties or losses as well as brand and reputational damage, requires a phishing simulation platform that is:

  • Extremely Flexible and Scalable
  • Customizable with Existing Templates or Option to Build Your Own
  • Test for Baseline and Help Track and Report Campaign Results

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Top 10 Features Our Customers Are Raving About Our Phishing
Simulation Platform

  • Wide selection of completely customizable templates, landing pages, and learning material
  • Off-the-shelf, easily customizable scenarios and scalable simulations based on the most common threats (data entry, file attachment, double barrel, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), and more)
  • Email simulations can be sent in batches of any size and segregated according to division, department or any other additional parameters.
  • Automated and randomized phishing
  • Real-time dashboards and detailed reporting
  • Multilingual and multicultural content available in 40 languages
  • Cloud-based and can scale to 100,000+ users
  • Managed Phishing Services option
  • Selection of 50 landing domains – additional domain name can be added
    if available
  • Track stats on which OS and browser used to click a link or open attachments

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Phishing Simulations

Reach All of Your Users with Scalable Phishing Simulations

Scalable cloud solution is designed to support a large number of users and increase business agility while taking the necessary steps to secure your data and ensure privacy and compliance across the enterprise.

Time Your Campaigns with Flexible and Customizable Distribution

Plan campaigns in advance and schedule messages to be sent in batches on a deferred basis, over a certain period.  Flexibility to customize timing is also important.  Schedule/automated and randomized phishing simulations.

Target High-Risk Users Based on Targeted Reporting

Create a “focus list” with users that should be targeted because of previous test results. Reporting capabilities should allow organizations to track users who have failed the simulation in order to create a new list or group to target that specific audience.

View Campaign Results by Target Lists or Groups

The ability to create specific lists and view results according to country, division, department or other parameters.  Organizations should have the ability to select target users from a certain campaign according to multiple criteria:

  • Randomly, from the entire population
  • From a Focus List or Target List
  • From a specific department

Just-in-time Training

Combine the learning potential of phishing with just-in-time training. Instantly redirect users to a learning page with appropriate training material related to the behavior you want to improve.

Track Campaign Results in Real Time with Robust Reports
and Dashboards

Hosted Phishing platform have advance reporting capabilities. With detailed dashboards and customizable reports clients can visualize campaign results in real time.

Day and time should be captured as well as the percentage of users that:

  • Reported a suspicious email
  • Did not open the email
  • Opened the email only
  • Viewed images
  • Clicked links
  • Opened attachments
  • Completed forms

Compare results between various locations and simulations over time.

Observe the effectiveness of your campaign depending on its complexity and identify vulnerability trends to train staff accordingly.

  • Simulation comparison
  • Simulation results
  • Simulation results by filters (by department, country, etc)
  • Repeat offenders
  • Superstars
  • Browser report
  • Platform (OS) report

Import End Users with Simplified Contact integration

Phishing platform should require minimal administration to configure and maintain. The ability to integrate with Active Directory and other employees (and contractor) data feeds. Administrators can easily and automatically import the list of targeted end users using an Excel file.

Report Suspicious Emails with Outlook integration

Your Phishing platform integrates with Outlook and provides a reporting feature in the user’s mailbox (Outlook).  After reporting a suspicious message, the user should receive a message thanking him for reporting the phishing email.

Top 10 Reasons Our Customers Love Our Phishing Simulation Platform

They can:

  • Measure organization’s vulnerability level
  • Estimate level of exposure to all malware (all types of risks)
  • Train employees on how to identify and handle fraudulent emails in real time
  • Change behavior and instill a security culture
  • Eliminate risk and make staff the strongest line of defense
  • Provide escalating levels of simulations
  • Protect valuable data
  • Mitigate compliance, fraud and reputational risks
  • Assess effectiveness of security awareness training
  • Segment phishing simulation campaigns

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