Professional & Managed Services

Years of experience at your fingertips. Our services team work hand-in-hand with you, ensuring that your organization’s goals are successfully attained. We can build specific security awareness programs including communication plans, assessment tools, customized course content and support communications for your company. We work with your team to solve your security awareness challenges and build programs that are right for you.

Terranova Worldwide Corporation’s professionals are: professionals

  • Experts in information security
  • First-rate communicators
  • Dedicated team players
  • Available, flexible and efficient

Implementing a successful information security awareness campaign can seem like an overwhelming task that may leave you wondering where to start. Terranova’s team of experts works with you to create the best campaign, fully customized to your own organization’s needs.

Professional Services Our multi-disciplinary professional services team can support you every step of the way by offering experience and insights in overall program planning, communication delivery, content customization, campaign rollout and effectiveness measurement. Our experts are there to complete your in-house expertise.

  • Mentoring
  • Implementation strategy
  • Workshops facilitation
  • Writing turnkey deliverables
  • And much more!

Managed Services Our managed services team is there to support your team, where and when you need it most! You can rely on our renowned expertise to deliver a successful information security awareness campaign, choosing from a range of individual services:

  • Management and configuration of your LMS
  • Action plan recommendation
  • Definition of KPIs
  • User enrolment and campaign follow-up
  • And much more!

“Simply put, with our services, you are leveraging our many years of expertise to ensure that you are building strong links within your organization.” – Isa

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