The topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere on social media, notably LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Many revel in the benefits of the advancement of technology. More specifically, the role of AI has increased considerably in e-learning spheres, according to Sara Smith, contributor to eLearning Industry. She writes, “The future of artificial intelligence lies in its potential for making the most of all the elements that make eLearning so promising.”

AI is taking e-learning to the next level – teaching employees on a grand scale, but on a more personalized level. Considering the range of roles and responsibilities held by employees within your organization, AI can successfully contribute to end user training when it comes to information security awareness. The software can adapt to each learner’s strengths and areas for improvement, creating a more optimal learning experience. The future of e-learning in cybersecurity is personalization.

  1. Smarter Learning Process

AI can greatly improve the process of personalization during training. If we look at movie and restaurant recommendations that operate as a result of machine-learning algorithms, we can see how this could be applied to cybersecurity learning. Furthermore, this can increase employee productivity, enabling employees to become proficient quicker, getting them to work faster, and freeing up the time the organization devotes to training according to Herb Axilrod, a writer for Entrepreneur Network.

AI will have a dramatic effect on companies that are always updating their cybersecurity training material. In the future, machines will be able to predict how the material needs to be improved, and, that will be coupled with a complete personalized experience with content that will not only change but will actually be created based on the needs of each individual learner. 

  1. Retention Management 

Training often overwhelms employees, and this makes retention an issue. Interestingly, AI can work to strategically “drip” information into the mind of an employee by delivering more relevant, valuable, and memorable information – at the perfect time. AI will be intuitive in ensuring that information is delivered in the right way in order to increase retention rates, as commented in E-Learning Infographics.

  1. Increasing Engagement 

Cybersecurity training, with AI enhancement, could be used to engage employees by noticing learning curves. Therefore, end users can internalize information via different perspectives, developing better reflexes for information security best practices and strengthening their understanding of the subjects learned. Employees are thus well prepared for their evaluations. 

  1. Improving the Employee Experience

When cybersecurity training is coupled with AI, it makes it possible to free up employee time and get paid to take on more productive work that improves the business and impacts ROI head-on. The right training will help employees jump on innovating, refining, and improving the company.

  1. Adapting 

AI also enables employees to adapt to specific knowledge on specific topics by testing them using short, frequent multiple-choice quizzes. This is all personalized – based on the way trainees interact with course material.

Thinking Further

A Complete Solution that innovates, complementing AI

Terranova’s extensive suite of products and services, combined with the expertise of subject matter experts and project managers, offers organizations an optimal online learning experience regarding Information Security Awareness. From the exhaustive list of topics in our E-Learning libraries and the personalized quality of our Professional and Managed services to our actual hands-on LMS platform and wide array of Communication Material to engage audiences and reinforce best practices, we ensure that every end user is equipped with the best content, service level, and tools to learn with success.

Terranova’s Complete Solution works in parallel to AI as it enhances a smarter learning process by adapting its LMS and content to your business context and risk landscape. Our communication material guarantees top knowledge retention by compelling audiences to take part in cybersecurity awareness: engaging end users and reinforcing key practices. Finally, Terranova makes sure that every client lives the best possible experience throughout the implementation of their security awareness program with the help of a dedicated project manager or subject matter expert. Our goal is to adapt to your unique business setting and serve as a partner throughout every step of implementation. We bring the human element to cybersecurity awareness.