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Make security second nature

Building a more secure organization is not about an employee passing a test. It’s about putting learning into practice. Terranova offers a full slate of communication tools that don’t just teach lessons in information security, they help build the strongest firewall of all…a culture of security. Learning is one thing, retention is another. Choose from an array of engaging communications tools that are proven to reinforce training.


Available in multiple languages, customizable to suit your needs and focused on the security issues and best practices of the day, our newsletters are a powerful reinforcement tool that will increase user awareness on current topics year-round.


Security awareness training does not have to stop when a course has been completed. Posters reinforce awareness and best practices for staff year -round. One of the simplest tools for fostering a culture of security in your organization. Can be photocopied in 16×20 inch format.

Wallpapers and screensavers

Whether combined with awareness tools (newsletters, posters, videos) or online courses, our wallpapers and screensavers are that extra layer of reinforcement that really hits home with users… right on their computer screens.

Tips (71)

Keep information security top of mind with these engaging information capsules you can broadcast regularly by email or add to your Intranet. Written by experts and sure to capture and hold your staff’s attention, they feature key issues and best practices and provide thought provoking examples that help drive the message home.

Web banners

When linked to your Intranet webpage on information security, our web banners help you cast a wider net and draw more users to this key resource.

Available formats:

  • .GIF 300 x 250
  • .GIF 728 x 90

ISA Videos

Who said learning about information security can’t be fun? Our high quality 3D videos use fresh, endearing characters to involve viewers and drive the security message home. Blake, the main character, is a model employee that attracts threats to information security like a magnet. Fortunately, his savvy colleagues Isa and William arrive just in time to save him and the company from disaster. Other fun characters include The Boss, Zoe, Kevin and fraudsters including the beguiling Liliane.

Available in the following formats:

  • Flash (.FLV)
  • Windows Media Video (.WMV)
  • Moving Picture Experts Group 4 (.MP4)


Terranova’s interactive games are highly effective because they are so engaging. Fun, entertaining and highly educational, they are designed to reinforce lessons learned in our online training sessions and can be easily customized for your specific needs or educational goals.

HTML Format
Available in English, French and many other languages
Easy to install on your Intranet site
Flash application required
Duration: 5 minutes


to build a modular solution that meets your specific needs.

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