Learning Management System

You’re in control

Terranova’s hosted Learning Management System (LMS) was developed to help information security managers launch, track and assess our comprehensive e-learning programs in real-time, all from an easy-to-use central management platform.

Stay hands-on

  • Register and mentor participants with ease
  • Monitor progress
  • Enjoy detailed, real-time reporting
  • Choose from 40 languages

Power at your fingertips

Our hosted application puts the power of comprehensive reporting in your hands, so you stay in control no matter the size of your company or how many countries you target for eLearning.

See real progress in real time

Monitor learning success with over 20 different summary or detailed reports, providing you with key metrics such as: elapsed time, date, time, status of completion, results of evaluation, score and much more. And with our Dashboard feature, you get to see your campaign unfold in complete detail, or just read the grand lines…. you choose.

Get all the details. Plus the big picture.

People are busy. Training gets put aside. With its advanced filtering capabilities, our LMS gives you a clear view of who finished and who didn’t and how well they scored. Need a broader perspective? You can sort the results by company, country, division or department. And all our reporting is fully-customizeable to your needs and in the languages you choose.

Watch learning happen

Where do your staff shine when it comes to security awareness? What areas need work? Check basic trainee knowledge with our Pre and Post Assessment Tool, 125 pre-written questions designed to test the depth of your staff’s knowledge and give you a broader picture of your organization’s pre-campaign risk profile. Later, post-test the level of change in user behavior. At any time you can add, delete or modify questions to customize either assessment tool to your needs.

Anytime learning

Our LMS empowers users to learn when and where they want to, giving compliance a big boost. End users can self-access and self-pace content on-demand, 24/7, from anywhere via a browser session (IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.) in the language of their choice.

IT people like it too

  • Secure login access
  • Single sign-on
  • Auto-registration
  • Automated data backup
  • Free installation and technical support
  • IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari compatible

to build a modular solution that meets your specific needs.

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