Phishing Simulations

Bolster employees’ detection skills

Phishing simulations are a fast, efficient way to measure employee vulnerability while ramping up awareness of the seriousness of the risk.


  • phishing simulationSimple and intuitive browsing
  • Wide selection of completely customizable templates, landing pages and learning materials
  • Off-the-shelf, easily customizable scenarios and scalable simulations based on the most common threats (data entry, file attachment, double barrel, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) and more)
  • Monthly feature updates and additional scenarios
  • Automated and randomized phishing
  • Detailed reporting and real-time dashboards
  • Multilingual and multicultural content available in 40 languages
  • Dedicated support


Combine the learning potential of phishing with just-in-time training. Instantly redirect users to a learning page or to a URL link with the appropriate training material related to the behavior you want to improve. Choose from our wide selection of e-learning (90) and micromodule (50) topics to deepen learning and make sure information security best practices are well established.


Visualize your campaigns’ results at once with our easy-to-read dashboards. Key data are provided to let you know the percentage of users who reported, did not open the email, opened only the email, viewed images, clicked links, opened attachments or completed forms. The phishing platform reports are fully customizable and contain graphical information regarding each simulation. Results can be viewed by country, division, department or any other additional parameters. Compare results between different locations, simulations over time and more.

A total learning environment

Combine the real-time learning potential of phishing with Terranova’s award-winning training solutions. Choose from among 75+ customizable courses and build a complete security awareness program.

You’re covered in 40 languages

Convert staff worldwide from being part of the risk into your being strongest line of defense with our multilingual, multicultural curriculum. Train your workforce with the kind of behavioral learning and reinforcement that builds a culture of security.


A multidisciplinary team will guide you through every step to ensure the success of your campaign.

Don’t wait until an incident occurs to raise awareness about phishing and information security. Change the culture and measure your organization’s vulnerability with Terranova’s phishing simulation platform. Train employees on how to identify and handle fraudulent emails in real time, and change their behaviors!

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