Phishing Simulations

One click and you’ll know

Phishing simulations are a fast, efficient way to measure employee vulnerability while ramping up awareness of the seriousness of the risk.

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Make learning stick

Your phishing simulation can be simply diagnostic, or the trigger and cornerstone of a broader integrated campaign featuring landing and learning pages, real-time training and communication tools for reinforcement. Follow campaign progress with our dashboard and detailed reporting, and watch staff progress towards permanent behavioral change.

Customize and go!

Create a campaign customized to your specific risk that’s ready to go in minutes. Or pick from a long list of pre-built scenarios: data entry, file attachment, double barrel, ransomware and business email compromise (BEC), and more.

A total learning environment

Combine the real-time learning potential of phishing with Terranova’s award-winning training solutions. Choose from among 75+ customizable courses and build a complete security awareness program.

You’re covered in 40 languages

Convert staff worldwide from being part of the risk into your being strongest line of defense with our multilingual, multicultural curriculum. Train your workforce with the kind of behavioral learning and reinforcement that builds a culture of security.

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