Cultivating a security mindset

through e-Learning

Reflecting a world of evolving risk, our courses put your staff at the center of learning, arming them with best practices, nurturing a mindset of security, turning each individual into a small yet impenetrable part of your organization’s broad-based defences.

Specific training for every need

Training for Information Security Professionals

Training for Information Security Professionals


Based on Terranova's 5-Step ISA Framework, the course Raising Security Awareness Effectively accompanies you, step by step, in elevating employee performance. Help end users make the right decisions in their day-to-day activities according to security awareness best practices. The course provides knowledge, guidelines, and tools to get you up and running quickly and effectively.

  • Raising Security Awareness Effectively120min.

Security Awareness

Security Awareness

End User

Your staff is your first and foremost line of defence when it comes to information security. Teach them the best practices they can use and a security mindset they can adopt.

  • Introduction to Information Security6min.
  • Passwords5min.
  • Email6min.
  • Malware6min.
  • Identity Theft6min.
  • Information Lifecycle4min.
  • Information Classification5min.
  • Intellectual Property5min.
  • Privacy6min.
  • Protecting Payment Card Data5min.
  • The Clean Desk Principle5min.
  • Physical Security5min.
  • Access Control7min.
  • Social Engineering7min.
  • The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Trend6min.
  • Smartphones5min.
  • Mobile Devices5min.
  • Confidentiality on the Web4min.
  • Mobile Users6min.
  • Traveling Securely5min.
  • Responsible Use of Internet at Work3min.
  • Social Networks5min.
  • Cloud Computing4min.
  • Phishing10min.
  • Protecting your home computer5min.
Security Awareness


Integrate microlearnings in your Information Security Awareness program to increase knowledge acquisition and behavioral change. This approach can be used for just-in-time training to target specific risks and meet productivity objectives. Terranova is developing new micromodules on a regular basis, expanding its curriculum with a wide range of topics.

  • Ransomware3min.
  • Vishing3min.
  • Phishing- 6 clues3min.
  • Protecting Sensitive Information3min.
  • Cyber Attack Detection3min.
  • Preventing Security Breaches3min.
  • Wi-Fi Security3min.
  • Identity Theft3min.
  • Social Engineering3min.
  • Being Security Aware3min.
  • Spear Phishing3min.
  • Social Network3min.
Security Awareness


Bring IT developers and administrators up to speed on current issues in information security, the evolving threat and their role in developing and maintaining a secure infrastructure.

  • Information Security Awareness for IT Developers30min.
  • Information Security Awareness for IT Administrator 30min.
Security Awareness


Educate managers on the critical nature of information security, the key role they play, and the best practices targets they need to meet.

  • Information Security Awareness for Managers40min.




Do your employees understand privacy issues and the rights and responsibilities associated with them that impact their work?

  • Privacy Awareness30min.
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)15min.
  • Protected Health Information (PHI)15min.
  • GLBA15min.
  • HIPAA/HITECH90min.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)40min.
  • Privacy Shield15min.

Compliance and Governance

Compliance and Governance


Make sure your organization is always in full compliance with regulations and legislation with our online compliance training, customized to your industry or specific situation. Our courses cover personal and health information as well as GLBA.

  • PCI-DSS25min.
  • Business Continuity Awareness30min.
  • Record Management30min.
  • Code of Ethics and Business Conduct30min.
  • Fraud Risk Management (FRM)20min.
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)20min.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention20min.
  • Defensive Security Brief (DSB)20min.
  • Building Emergency Evacuation Plans (BEEP)20min.
  • Fundamental and Privacy Breach (ATIP)20min.
  • Values and Ethics20min.
  • Sustainable Developpement Awareness45min.
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